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I was close to my father really, he and I were inseparable. Sadly, my father passed on December 12, 2019, right before the Covid-19 outbreak. My father knew I did not have the means to handle his funeral arrangements and on top of that It was hard emotionally losing him.I was going through so much pain after losing my father it was almost unbearable until I realized what my father did to help me.This is a story of how my father helped me cope and thought about me before he passed away:My father named me as the sole beneficiary for a $40,000.00 burial policy put in place. I never wanted any inheritance, but I would soon come to find out how and why this policy was put in place.With the $40,000.00 policy, I was able to handle all my father's final wishes. I was able to handle his final wishes and have him buried with a beautiful arrangement and most importantly was able to cover all the hidden costs I was not aware of before he passed away.You see, my father did not pass away right away; he fell ill like most people might before they pass. My father absolutely did not want to be in the hospital and preferred to pass away at home. This is when I realized the $40,000.00 policy was not only for the cost of the funeral but also to handle his final wishes and what he wanted. You see, I was able to ask the insurance company for an advance on the $40,000.00 policy so that I could pay for his care at home where my father finally passed away. And knowing that I was able to help my father ease his passing was a God send.Now this is how my father really helped me the most.After paying for his care at home, paying for his funeral arrangements, and paying for family members to fly in for the funeral, I was still left with $11,231.00. My father left me a note saying that with whatever money I was left with after taking care of his final wishes he wanted me to take a long trip with the family so that we could be closer together and cope with his loss together.So that is what I did. I arranged a family trip to our family's favorite vacation spot while growing up. Having family together remembering all the good times with my father was a blessing. It really helped to cope with losing him. I was really in a better place and not to mention financially there was no impact on my family. I was able to get through the initial emotional impact more easily since my father thought about me and how losing him would impact my life.I appreciate you taking the time to read my father's story.


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