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Hi welcome to my page....ever think what would make a nurse change her career to insurance....?  I've worked as a nurse in many settings including Hospice, ICU, ER but it did not prepare me for the worst call of my life.  Nothing hit me so hard as the day I received the call telling me of my son's death. I now belonged to the "Parents Who Lost a Child" club.  

My son, not being prepared for the inevitable, and why would he at age 38, really opened my eyes.  I was reminded….. Tomorrow is not promised, only hoped for....

During those early days, weeks, and months, there were so many emotions flaring up inside of me, let alone without having to think about what needed to be done.  But yet…it had to be done….I had to think of what needed to be done, if not directed, due to my sometimes zombie state of mind or lack of experience.  How many of us have already experienced this?….I now know your pain, anguish and financial burden.  This is the Why I want to help for that sometimes unseen, yet unspeakable moment.  

 So even though there are many ways we provide for our loved ones, one of the most thoughtful considerations witnessed are when we take the time to put in place those preparations for our...., inevitable...., final day. Let us help you find that protection to circumvent the potential of financial distress, home loss and future financial needs.  We have a selection of many highly rated companies for Final Expense, Life and Mortgage Protection plans to best suit your needs.  

We also have at your request options for affordable health insurance and Medicare plans to choose from. Please feel free to ask us questions about them.

So, whatever your needs, being Life, Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, health coverage or Medicare, give us a call, or make an appointment for your free consultation and quote. 

Let’s take care of that moment today…..Remember...tomorrow is NOT promised. NO…the pain won’t change for those of us left behind… but some of the circumstances will…...Time will be more spent and surrounded with the love and support of your family and friends.  

We’ll figure it out together.  My skills as a conscientious, thorough nurse is here to serve YOU!

God Bless you….


Nosotros hablamos español para su conveniencia.


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